Notion of Wonder

Notion of wonder is a coaching concept which is based on three major elements


Notion: "Notion" includes the aspects of self-awareness, of noticing physical and psychological phenomena which are taking place in you system. This happens on a physical level as well as on a mental and emotional level. Simultaneously? After another? Which comes first? 

How can you gain control over your body and mind by using your body mind and incredible gift of imagination.

Discover the language of pictures inside of you.  By their appeareance your subconscious is constantly supplying you with all the information you need, in every single moment. You only have to watch and listen. Everybody can do that.


Of: The Element of "of"describes the perspective of stepping out of the circle of "train of thought" and chattering of different random voices in you head. We work with what is there right now starting on a physical level. What are you feeling, what are observing in your physical body and in your mind? Can you invite new elements or release others. Does something change? 

Then we investigate the consequences these notions have on the voice, presence, on your posture on your state of mind. Our system doesn't work linear, it is a web and a circle. Changing one switch always a multiple effects on others. By learning to intentionally use these internal switches we decide the direction we want to go- the state we want to work, live or perform in. 

Just as the body and mind, and everything in between, interacts in this web so does the audience and you as an artist. 


Wonder: Wonder is the  biggest part which can be described as the externalization of "Super-states". Often Wonders are perceived as something outside of you which is not in your own power to create or effect. By the work with "Notion" and deepening your understanding of your own system you will learn to play your own instrument, yourself, much more easily - and in the end you realize you can create every state you desire to be in.

This skill is priceless for everyone working in the Arts- actors, musicians, people doing any kind of Performances in public or online.

You are the one in control and are the observant, friendly listener and director of the different energies and sources of power, stress or pain inside of you. You can use them and transform them into your "Super-State" as the one in charge of yourself.


You decide what you want to do and what you don´t best, while being connected to your own self. Get to know it with me. IT is powerful and an endless source of joy, wisdom and energy.

Being in contact with that is directly transmitted to the audience. You are perceives as authentic, powerful, present, awake and it not easy to put in words why- you just are!


Be brave and investigate the full potential you are equipped with. And USE it. Step into your own power.



Contact: Just write me an email - kontakt@stephaniebraune.de


Cost: Due to the special Covid19- situation, I decided to work with a transparent, individual price-policy.

Just contact me or call me and then we talk about your expectations your needs and what your current situation enables you to pay.




I´m looking forward to meet, Skype, zoom or speak to you on the phone.

I believe in you already.



*Lots of Love*

Stephanie Braune

I believe in you already.


Filmfest München, Verleihung des Bernd Burgemeister Fernsehpreises 2019


"Angeklagt" (2019), fantastische Arbeit der SchauspielerInnen